Tuesday, February 1, 2011

so ready

My "craftroom" / front room is just sitting there waiting for me - it's calling my name i can hear it....it was very soft at first, but itis getting louder and louder!  Now...what do i work on??

hubby helped get it all set up with a great radio and of course surround sound - even fixed the heater, now it is time for me to make it more like me :-)

i think some etsy projects are in order, I do believe that i have invented a new use for baby food jars - I can't wait to list them on esty!!

and then there is the matter of helping someone with her wedding invites - so stressful - they must be perfect or i will feel terrible!! 

On the "to do list":
*address lables for wedding invites (make 'em pretty!)
*etsy baby food jar projects
*and of course the usual mom and wife thing - tossing in some exercise to beat these winter blues

shall i plan on having it all done by Friday?  Oh wait, I have a dentist appointmenet for a CROWN :-P yucky!!!!!  thankfully hubby will be taking me and bringing me home, i think last time i had a panic attack - very scarey things!!


Now that is something I have never seen!  Fish on a blog - too funny!!


Well, I am giving this a try :-) been a while since I have had a blog; thought it was time to start a new one, and perhaps promote my etsy shop!  I am sure it will be fun to meet new people that have commone interests!