Monday, March 21, 2011

Foster Dog #6

 I thougth this might be a good venue for me to cataloug our foster dogs - since my memory is beginning to fade as the days go by.  I told Tasha that she needed to keep track of our fosters, so that she could write a paper or something when she gets to high school next year - but mom knows nothing!!

On to the foster dog....start with our newest...

Izzy, our sixth foster dog arrived yesterday afternoon. 

She's cute - a mix of pit-bull/boxer.  Poor thing has mange - from some sort of allergy on her skin, so currently she has no hair - not much anyhow....patches here and there.  when her hair does grow back she will be a very pretty girl.  For now, she needs special baths, special medicine, and we need to be careful where she goes - pollen might be one of the triggers.

Not sure of her "story" yet, she was an emergency placement.

Very mellow, likes to play fetch in the house with a tennis ball, she will gobble up a bone in a flash, hasn't seemed to get into trouble as of yet.  No counter surfing, no garbage turning, no biting of the cats or Dazzle....the only "concern" is that she isn't very complient when she is on her leash for a walk. 

She is super strong - holy cows, that girl can pull.  A pull toy or a leash she is on it and pulling, she is so strong it scares me a little. 

She climbs up onto the couch - which we do not mind, but they discourage that at the fostering center because you never know where they will go after our house.  She climbed right up onto Brian's lap last night, funniest thing EVER - she is a big dog - almost lab size - she is certainly NOT a lap dog, she streached from Brian's lap over to mine, and put his head on me and looked at me like "hey, this is kind of cool, hope you don't mind me taking over!"

We nicely put her on the other couch and encouraged her to enjoy that spot - not draped over a human!

She did pretty good during dinner, she didn't beg - or whine, but she did wander around a bit, but that is to be expected it was a new place!

She went right into her kennel last night, slept just fine in there, went out this morning for her potty and then back into her kennel.

Okay, tomorrow or this afternoon I will blog about Jack - our 5th foster dog - Bosten Terrier - cute...funny, quarky and silly!!

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